уторак, 12. јануар 2016.

Top 10 teen movies

I really love movies. I love comedies, but my favorite type are teen movies.

The list:
10. LOL
9. Aquamarine
8. High School Musical 1,2,3
7. Another Cinderella Story
6. A Cinderella Story
5.Wild Child
4. Hannah Montana
3. So undercover
2. Mean girls 1 and 2
1. The Last Song

If you haven't seen these movies to it now, because they are amazing.

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четвртак, 07. јануар 2016.

New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I wish you all the best. To achieve everything you want.

Every year people make some resolutions for New Year, but do they keep doing it after January 5th? NO! And that is the reason you shouldn't do it.

You want to be fit? START NOW!
You want to eat healthy? DO IT NOW!
Don't wait new year or first day in the month.

Sometimes 'later' becomes 'never'.

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петак, 25. децембар 2015.

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS.

I hope you are having a good time with your family and loved ones.
I wish you every day like it's Christmas. To be with you friends.

Have fun. Enjoy.

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среда, 16. децембар 2015.


My favorite part of year - Holidays. No school, no thinking, just relaxing and enjoying time with your family and friends.

If you wonder how to decorate your Christmas tree here is a few tips for it.

1. Enjoy while decorating it.
2. Do it with people you love.
3. Never use more than 3 colors of decorations.
4. Make it shine.
5. White or green it isn't important.

This is time of giving. So give love, give presents, give nice words to the people who deserve it and don't care of people who wouldn't do it for you.

Happy Holidays.

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понедељак, 14. децембар 2015.

Christmas time

It is almost Christmas time. I love this part of year. Time of love, giving and celebration.

In this time of year everyone are looking for gifts. I was thinking a lot and i decided to buy my friends something special this year. I bought a sweather and I'm going to print some quote on it. Something that will remind them on me.

Think on time. Don't buy presents in last minute. Go buy it now. Good luck. 

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понедељак, 07. децембар 2015.


Use every moment.

This is my quote of the day. Motivation.

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New Year Eve Make Up

New Year Eve is so close and I decided to post some photos of eye make up.

Make sure you match colors with color of your dress. And look like you want not like other people expect from you. It is more important that you like it, and if you like it other people will like it too.

Look glamorous and good. And the most important enjoy it.

Lip make up coming soon.

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